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Our tightly knit team prides itself on absolute precision. We start with the world’s highest quality bearings and customize them to your exact specifications.

We hold a large standing inventory and we generate thousands of parts per day. Each incoming and outgoing material undergoes a five-step quality check, ensuring our production quantity does not sacrifice quality.

We are experienced in the printing press, bore compensated spacers, quad/steel mill sets, pre-load, TDI/TDO/ DF sets, high precision sets (+/-.0005), heat treated, and—of course—standard sets.

Our capacity allows us to produce large quantities and holds on-site stock ranging from 0.5” to 36” in dimensions. Our fulfillment uses state-of-the-art technology, including:


Our assembly plant is conveniently located within the range of one-day ground shipments to major domestic and international distribution centers. This strategic location allows us to offer you same-day assembly manufacturing and same/next-day shipping.

We are capable of same-day or next-day deliveries. We can ship your part as late as 10:00 pm EST, and you will still receive it via next-day air.

We combine our expansive in-stock bearing inventory, signature SPEED Program®, and shipping efficiency to deliver client orders as quickly as possible.


Our specialists conduct a five-step inspection to ensure your products meet factory standards. The service representatives are logistics experts, and they will efficiently and economically route your shipment.

To exceed expectations, Taper Roller Bearings can customize your order for shipment across the globe. We consider every order precious cargo, including 30434 Code, work rolls, bearing-quad sets and pre-load sets.


From production to shipping, you can feel confident that we will deliver the highest quality product in the most reasonable amount of time.

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