Taper Roller Bearings, Inc. offers made-to-order Class 3 and other precision bearings.

Taper Roller Bearings, Inc. offers made-to-order Class 3 precision bearings. For Class 3 orders, our process begins with factory new bearings, then our annually calibrated machines certify the bearings by measuring boundary tolerances like Total Indicated Run-Out (TIR).

Once the boundary dimensions and the TIR are determined to fall within the industry standards for a Class 3 bearing in accord with ABMA standards, that bearing is certified by TRB as a Class 3. The high point is marked and the bearing is branded by TRB. Each bearing is also given its individual documentation of TIR conformity as well as material for mounting procedures.

Bore Compensated Assembly Sets

Taper Roller Bearings, Inc also has the experience and capacity to manufacture “Bore Compensated Assembly Sets”. Our rigorous standards produce bearings used in printing press and other industrial applications.