Taper Roller Bearings has manufactured spacer assemblies since 1972.

Taper Roller Bearings has manufactured spacer assemblies since 1972.  The process begins with the highest-quality bearings, then customizes them to meet virtually any of your needs. We are experienced in printing press, bore compensated spacers, quad/steel mill sets, pre-load, TDI/TDO/ DF sets, high precision sets (+/-.0005), heat treated, and—of course—standard sets.

Our capacity allows us to produce thousands of parts each day, and holds on-site stock ranging from 0.5” to 36” dimensions.  Our fulfillment uses state-of-the-art technology, including:

  • High tolerance machining.
  • Grinding to 5/10,000 of an inch.
  • 36″ capacity for turn/mill/grind.
  • 3/1,000,000 repeatability in measurement.

Conveniently, our assembly plant is located within range of one-day ground shipments to major domestic and international distribution centers.  This strategic location can offer you same-day or next-day service at ground prices.

We combine our expansive in-stock bearing inventory, signature SPEED Program®, and shipping efficiency to deliver client orders as quickly as possible.

“Taper Roller Bearings stocks spacer material up to 36″ and is capable of spacers to 72″ I.D. Our standard delivery is same-day upon receipt of bearings.”

– John McMahon, Shop Foreman