Taper Roller Bearings has been a family company since 1972, when John Jones founded the business in Lexington, Kentucky.

John Jones

John Jones

John Jones (center)

Taper Roller Bearing Bearings

John Jones founded Taper Roller Bearings in 1972 after a successful 25-year career in manufacturing sales.  Taper began designing complex tapered bearing assemblies, and built a company with the Speed and Precision to serve a full spectrum of clients.  His son Tom assumed leadership of the company in 1986, and continues to leverage Taper’s resources to serve clients and preserve the personal touch of a family business.

Today, TRB produces bearing assemblies that are put to work everywhere from precision scientific equipment to assemblies for railroad engines.  We can also procure hard-to-find bearings, shortening lead times for distributors and delivering assemblies as quickly as possible.

Unrivaled speed and precision established Taper as the industry benchmark for custom bearings.  After more than 42 years of fine-tuning production processes and inventory, the Taper SPEED Program® offers unmatched service by offering same-day manufacturing of spacer assemblies.

Our standing inventory features factory-new bearings, all sourced from the world’s most respected manufacturers.  Our worldwide network of suppliers can also quickly deliver parts tailored to your more specialized needs.

Taper understands your customers lead time problems, and with our machinist on call 24 hours a day that can build an assembly in a day versus 18 – 20 weeks anywhere else, we will meet all expectations of our clients to deliver orders quickly and efficiently.

— Debbie Lowery, Senior Account Executive.

At the founding in 1972, Taper Roller Bearings decided to offer Perfection in four ways:

  • Service and Responsiveness.
  • Precision Specification.
  • Building Assemblies.
  • Logistics of Delivery.

It is a winning formula.  With both on-call customer representatives and machinist available 24/7, we proudly offer the same perfection to clients—old and new.