The Taper service team helps you find the highest quality bearing in the most reasonable amount of time.  Our team members are trained to understand your needs, so you can expect the attention you deserve.

Tom Jones - President/CEO

Taper Roller Bearing Bearings

When you contact Taper Roller Bearings you will be partnered with a team member who is:

  • Focused on exceeding the expectations of your customers.
  • Understanding of your project’s time-sensitive needs.
  • Concerned about  your business as if it’s their own.

The service team leverages our network of 65 global vendor sources to deliver our  SPEED Program®, offering same-day manufacturing of assemblies.  For example, we keep a machinist on duty 24 hours a day for implementation of your specifications.  Our team confirms client orders, locates parts, builds assemblies to client requirements, and arranges shipping.  We have an experienced team to customize your parts, restoring your business capabilities in the space of mere hours—not months.

People make a business. By taking care of our most valued resource, our team members, we take care of your business. Every person is integral to the process. From shipping to assembly, from sales to billing, we all have a vested interest in your  success. We look forward to every opportunity to prove ourselves.

– Tom Jones, TRB President and CEO

At Taper Roller Bearings, we offer Class 3 precision procedures in all areas, including printing press and high-tolerance applications.  We ensure reliability with a five-step quality check of all incoming and outgoing inventory, and keep all work on-site in Kentucky.  This dedication is demonstrated by the extraordinary experience of our TRB team members.

What kind of premium does this service demand?  We strive to offer Blue Book value.  Our production efficiency allows us to offer unparalleled value for rapid service.

TRB is not a subsidiary of The Timken Company or otherwise affiliated with The Timken Company, and TRB’s products are not sponsored or approved by The Timken Company.